How to Submit an Article

First, log in by entering your username and password.

When you get to the page titled Profile Information, click on the Articles tab.

You'll see a couple of Submit Article buttons. Click on the appropriate one. After you click
you'll come to a page titled Add Articles.

Just fill in the fields. We recommend that you copy/paste the article into the box labeled Article Text.
This is because this page "times-out" after only a few minutes and you stand a chance of losing
your article, if you try to type it in here.

After you are satisfied that you have filled in the fields properly, click on Preview Article.

The very first thing that will happen is that you will be asked to assign tags to the article.
(Tags are similar to keywords; they make it easy for a visitor to search for your article, based

upon these tags.)

Select the tags for your article, using the Suggested Tags or you may enter tags of your own.
When you have selected a few tags, then click on the button labeled USE THESE TAGS.

Next, you will have the opportunity to Preview your article. You can see it just as it will appear
when published. Click on "Click Here for Preview in New Browser Window." Make sure your article
looks right. If you aren't satisfied, you may use the Revise Article button. If you do NOT preview
your article, then only you are to blame, if it doesn't look just the way you want it.

To publish the article, click the Publish Article button. Note that there are Writers Guidelines
that you are agreeing to, when you push that button

It takes a little while to do everything necessary to publish your article -- please have patience.

When you get the message that it has been successfully published, we highly recommend that you
digg it to enhance its visibility. Then, get your friends to digg it, too