Navigation by Popularity

Here you can view the most popular content based upon the usage of the site by visitors.

The normal (i.e., default) view is the Most Popular Articles by Page Views.

Four types of popularity are:

1) Page Views - the number of times the page has been viewed. If 10,000 people visited the site and viewed a page, then it's number of page views would be 10,000.

2) Number of Comments - the number of comments on an article - since the articles with the most number of comments tend to be visited more often.

3) Recommended Emails - each page has a Tell-a-Friend button. This popularity type is a count of how many times the article has been emailed.

4) Ratings - on each page is found a Rate It link. Using the ratings system, an article is ranked by visitors. Since there are currently nine categories of ratings (namely, Must Read, Well Said, News, Touching, Funny, Supported, Interesting, Inspiring, Valuable) you can also select to view the articles that have been rated most popular by category. (For example, All Articles rated by Must Read.)

You can also select which kind of content to view. Currently, we have: Articles, Diaries, Member, Tags, Polls, Events, All, Op-Ed, News, Life/Arts/Science.

And you can choose the time period for the popularity of the content you choose. For examples:

Most Popular Polls in the Last Month by Number of Comments

Most Popular Diaries in the Last Week by Recommended Email

Also note that there is a View Content button in each section, making a total of 3 View Content buttons. This is for your convenience so you don't have to scroll down to the last one on the bottom. But they all do the same thing.