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Healing the Planet as Healing Ourselves

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Originally Published on OpEdNews

Why is the process of healing the planet also the healing of ourselves?   It is because the sickness of the Planet, its miles and miles of woods made barren by logging and its mountains laid bare by strip mining are mirrors of our sick and barren minds.   In essence, we have made the planet into an image of ourselves.   Perhaps we are mirrors of a dying planet that is moving towards a rebirth?   Or, perhaps we are simply the walking dead as the Native American Kogis saw us when we first set foot upon the soils of their ecosystem several centuries ago.  

Look around at the city streets you live upon, the miles and miles of cement where trees are often lined up as soldiers alongside a meandering road.   Go into a classroom and see children sitting in lined up desks learning from standardized textbooks and a standardized teaching syllabus.   It's all about robotic control.   As a programmer gets a computer to do marvelous things based on the instructions given by its user, our children are being programmed into being good little slavers for low benefits and wages.   Yet they are also being trained by the media into being good little consumers lining the pockets of those for whom they work and slave.   Yes, we work we slave and then we pay the enslaver by buying his goods!   What a wonderful system for the slavers!   How long do we keep this up?

This scene, as well as our stripping the Earth's of Her resources, is a mirror to our own mind.   As any woman or man that has been raped knows, a rape is not about love, it is about power over.   It is this same cognition, "power over" that is destroying our planet.   Nature is being raped in just about all facets of our world.   For example, even in science, the idea is to "control" variables in getting at truth.   In psychology, it is told to aspiring students that the primary purpose of psychology is to "control behavior."   Control over others is the primary desire of a rapist.   Rape is not about joining with another person.   It is about control and domination.  

Domination may as well be reframed as damnation.

The term psychology emerged from the term Psyche.   In ancient times, Psyche was identified as the Soul.   Psyche is us. She is our Nature; our Essence.   Yet, She has been knocked unconscious of Her power.   She has been knocked unconscious by Her surface level fears of being independent of "The Man", i.e., the corporate/government structure that enslaves Her.   To reclaim Her power, She must taste the lips of Love (Eros) Himself, who is often seen as the first born Son of Sophia-Marie meaning the Oceanic (Marie) Wisdom (Sophia) from which all are born, sustained and dissolved, including this moment.   Yes, even as you read this line, you have engaged in the process of absorbing the light of these words and conceiving them in your mind.   You then ponder them and eventually allow them to sink into the depths of your mind".where they exist as a future potential, much like an egg exists as a potential person.  


Unfortunately, we have been willing slaves who listened to the literalized lies of "The Man" who took the creation myths from throughout the world and either (a) said they were literally true; or (b) said they were a lie.   The fact is, when one reads the creation myths, one is going into the beginning of this moment.   So, when Genesis 1:2 of the Bible states "And the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the Deep," it is speaking to this moment.   Tehom, the original Hebrew term for the Deep, is Marie because the term Marie means Ocean.   Thus the "Word made flesh" of John 1:14 of the Bible is simply a repeat of Genesis.   Is Genesis 1:2 any different than the theory of physicist David Bohm who states the universe is grounded in the Unmanifest Implicate Order which exists like an infinite Sea filled with an infinite array of possibilities interacting with the now manifest world.  

Perhaps physics is just now catching up to the wisdom of the ancients?   The story is told throughout the world.   For example, the Keres Pueblo have Spider Grandmother who is sometimes identified as Thinking Woman.     It is Thinking Woman's thoughts that become the world at the same time the Bible's John 1:14 Word is made flesh.   What are thoughts but vibratory waves within the Psyche which then become solidified upon our perception?

What is within Marie or Thinking Woman?   As a woman's ovaries contains eggs that are potential human beings, in the Unmanifest are an infinite array of possibilities that can come into manifestation by the actions of the external world, i.e., the Man.   As Sleeping Beauty is kissed awake by the kiss of Her beloved, we too must allow the kiss of Love to awaken us to our true Nature.  

Just as an egg released by the ovaries is a potential person if it meets with sperm, it is only by the kiss of Love that we can awaken and give birth to the new World that exists within us, in potential.

There is no accident that the term Nature has two basic definitions:   (1) The Creature (i.e., the birds, bees, atmosphere, mountains, land, dirt, etc) and (2) Essence.   Psyche is our Nature, our Essence.   She is even the Nature of God.   By God I'm not speaking of the externalized Patriarch.   I am speaking of God as the Way, the Process, or the Divine Essence.   Psyche is our Nature and is the Way.   In all creatures we see Her.   But, we do not necessarily see Her in isolation.   For as the Christian Meister Eckhart said, "all creatures are created with everything else in mind."   As such, the creation of a bird chirping outside my window is in coordination with the atmosphere, cats, fertilizer for plant growth and my meandering mind in writing this article.  

This "all creatures are created with everything else in mind" does not mean that we evolved at the beckoning of some external agent.   Rather, it means we all arise from the inside out, from center to periphery, in relationship to everything else.   It is like our being a jig-saw puzzle putting itself together.   There is no external agent".just higher levels of mind that exist within us.   Becoming aware of these higher levels of mind is the purpose of meditation and prayer.

The kiss of Love that Psyche experiences is neither less nor more than the bird chirping outside my window.   By understanding the bird, I experience the cosmic dance of all life.   Indeed, as I follow the chirp from birth to apex to dissolution, the entire universe appears to dance.   We all sing that Universal Song born of the bird outside my window. Where is the sound of that bird if not within me?   Or, is it that my Mind is everywhere?   Perhaps there is no within or without.   Perhaps there are no boundaries of "us and them?"      

The world, including our manifestation, is Psyche's mirror.   It is by us and the world around us that She sees Herself.   Is it any wonder that our eyes are constructed in such a way that they need a mirror to see themselves? What is at the center of the eye if not a black hole swallowing all light and conceiving an image?   Why use a high powered telescope to see a black hole where all light is swallowed?   Gaze into a mirror and look into your eyes!

Where is the world really?   Isn't it being conceived in you?   Is reality really concrete as science would have you believe?   Or is it how you perceive it?   Is objectivity ultimately a farce?

We and the world are one.   As we dive into ourselves, we ultimately realize ourselves as infinite.   As we dive into a blade of grass and really look hard at it, we also see infinity.   William Blake beautifully puts it thus: "to see the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour."   How do the two exist side-by-side?   They can't.   Infinity exists side-by-side with nothing.   Thus we create an illusion of limitation and separateness.   To "know" is to "objectify" and "divide."   Yet, objectivity is illusion, what the Hindus call Maya. There is no world "out there" with you "in here."   Indeed, the screen you are reading this upon is not outside you, nor are your typing fingers, they are inside being conceived within your Psyche.   Knowing this, She (i.e., you) will begin to awaken from Her dream.   Thus the first kiss of the Prince begins to awaken you.

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Burl is an avid writer and publishes to OpEd News. He is author of "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature." As of this writing, Burl is planning to self-publish the book. Alongside his wife, Burl co-hosts an on line radio (more...)

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